Frequently Asked Questions

Do you accept government-assistance vouchers (such as Section 8, PHA)?
We do accept government-assistance vouchers, but generally require that tenants sign the lease we provide (not the lease provided by the housing agency), unless otherwise stated in the listing. This requirement may disqualify certain programs. A background and credit check is still required, along with a security deposit.

Do you allow month-to-month leases?
Our properties generally require annual leases, we may allow shorter leases depending on circumstances but there is typically a fee for shorter leases. Please contact us directly for details.

What is your policy on pets?
Most properties do allow pets on a case-by-case basis (no exotic pets or fish tanks), and generally have a 2 pet limit. We do require a refundable pet deposit of $250 for the first pet, and $150 for an additional pet, PLUS a non-refundable monthly rent of $10 per pet. We also require that both cats and dogs have a current rabies vaccine per PA law (link). Tenants with dogs over 25 lb are required to have a renter's insurance policy with $300,000 of liability coverage with the landlord named as additional insured. We do not make any specific recommendations regarding insurance providers for this requirement, each tenant may choose the carrier of their preference, but we do note that State Farm offers an affordable policy that seems to allow most breeds.

What if my pet is a registered service animal for a medical disability?
Registered service animals for medical disabilities, with appropriate documentation of a disability-related need for the animal, are exempt from pet fees. This exemption does not extend to "emotional support" animals (link, link, link).

What utilities do you cover?
For single family properties, the tenant is usually responsible for all utilities including cold water.
For multi-family properties, the tenant is usually responsible for all utilities except cold water.
In any properties where the landlord pays the utilities, tenants are still responsible for excessive use.

Do you allow cosigners?
If a cosigner is required (due to low credit or insufficient rental history), the cosigner will be required to meet all rental requirements. In addition, cosigners must also meet one of the following requirements: (1) own real estate in PA or NJ, (2) provide proof of funds of at least $10,000 in their personal name, (3) earn at least 5x the rent amount. All signed cosigner agreements must be notarized, with an original copy submitted to us for our records.

Do I have to submit an online application in order to view a property?
No, you may attend an open house before submitting an application. If you wish to arrange a private showing, please submit an application.

Do you allow smoking?
No, all of our properties are non-smoking.

Can I have a roommate, if I can't afford the rent on my own?
Yes, Philadelphia does allow for up to 3 unrelated tenants per property, and we would consider the total joint income on the application.

Why was my application denied?
Our screening criteria takes a number of factors into account, including credit score, past due debt, total debt, income, eviction & criminal history, and references. Please contact us if you have specific questions about your application, but note that we are legally only able to provide limited information from your credit report, you must contact the credit bureau directly for any disputes.

Do I have to pay for exterminator services?
According to Partners for Good Housing (page 12), regarding insects and rodents, in one-family houses, the tenant or homeowner must keep the house clean and sanitary. It is the occupant’s responsibility to have insects, rodents, other pests exterminated. Where there are two or more apartments in a building, the landlord must keep all shared or public areas of the buildings clean and sanitary. The tenant must have any insects, rodents, or other pests exterminated if the tenant’s apartment is the only one infested. Otherwise, it is the responsibility of the landlord to have such pests exterminated.