1. Each adult (18 years or older) must fill out an application and apply for a credit and criminal background check.

  2. Each applicant must provide a valid government issued picture ID at time of application.

  3. Occupancy is based on the number of bedrooms per unit. Maximum occupancy is at the discretion of management, but no more than two persons (of any age) per bedroom.

  4. No Smoking. Sorry, smoking is not allowed on the premises.

  5. No Drugs. Sorry, illegal drugs are not allowed.

  6. Pet Friendly for approved animals. Pet rent: $10 per animal. Security Deposit: $250 for first pet and $150 for each pet thereafter. Insurance: $300,000 liability in insurance required for animals over 25lbs.

  7. Inaccurate, false or misleading statements made verbally or on the application will result in denial.

  8. If approved to rent, applicant must be able to pay first month rent, last month rent, and security deposit at time of move-in. Payments must be made with certified funds.

  9. If a cosigner is required (due to low credit or insufficient rental history), the cosigner will be required to meet all rental requirements. In addition, cosigners must also meet one of the following requirements: (1) own real estate in PA or NJ, (2) provide proof of funds of at least $10,000 in their personal name, (3) earn at least 5x the rent amount. All signed cosigner agreements must be notarized, with an original copy submitted to us for our records.

  10. Management reserves the right to deny any applicant with a negative personality, or rude behavior.


  1. We will examine recent residence history, and we generally require a housing reference.

  2. If no references are available other than from parents/relatives, we may require a cosigner.

  3. Rental history reflecting any unpaid past due rent, damages or fees, excessive property damage, excessive noise, or unruly behavior will result in denial.

  4. A recent eviction will generally result in a denial, but if the judgment has been fully paid to the prior landlord, we may accept applicants on a case-by-case basis.

  5. If residency was out of state within the last five years, an additional fee may be necessary to conduct an out of state background check.


  1. We will examine two years of income history. We will not consider unverifiable income.

  2. We require sufficient and stable sources of income, equal to at least 3x the monthly rent.

  3. To verify income, we may request documentation such as pay stubs, benefit award letters, bank statements, retirement accounts, and tax returns.

  4. Long term employment history in the same job or profession is favorable. Short term, temporary or seasonal employment may qualify with additional security deposit.

  5. Self-employed individuals must be able to verify their income through tax returns or bank statements.

  6. Retired and unemployed individuals must be able to demonstrate they have sufficient resources to pay living expenses.


  1. No outstanding debt to previous landlords.

  2. No outstanding debt to utility companies.

  3. No outstanding debt in excess of $1,000 that is not in a payment plan.

  4. No excessive monthly financial obligations.

  5. Lack of credit history or marginal credit history may result in additional security deposit, or a denial.

  6. Derogatory credit (past due accounts, collections, charge off accounts, tax liens, judgments in excess of $100 and/or bankruptcy) may result in additional security deposit, cosigner requirement, or denial.


  1. Criminal offenses (misdemeanor or felony) of a violent nature against either person or property will result in denial.

  2. Applicants with a non-violent criminal misdemeanor that occurred more than two years ago or a non-violent criminal felony that occurred more than five years ago may be considered if restitution for their crime was made in full and all time was served. Also, we would require an additional security deposit and demonstration of good employment history, credit history, and rental history since the time of the crime. Multiple offenders will be denied.


  1. Click on Available Properties

  2. Search for the building you will like to apply for or click the “list” tab.

  3. Select the property you are interested in.

  4. Select the “APPLY ONLINE” option.

  5. Complete the application and submit.

  6. Management will be notified of your application and review it. You will be contacted once the application is reviewed.